The next series that I am going to read

Hello this is Nikki. I have a Series Suggestion for you if you are into Murder Mystery,

and Who Done It type books. The Series is  The Eve Duncan Series by  Iris Johansen.

The First book is this series is called “THE FACE OF DECEPTION”


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The Embarrassing Memory Murderer by David Tieck

Hilarious Memoir Shares One Man’s Embarrassing Journeys, Many Failures and Life Lessons

The Embarrassing Memory Murderer (published by iUniverse) shares the memoir of author David Tieck’s endless array of humiliating memories as he comes to grip with his past, finds his adventurous spirit, and offers hope, wisdom and understanding to anyone who is willing to laugh about their own disconcerting moments, WELL, that was the idea at least


I had a plan. It was simple, if I could let all of my worst, most humiliating, and most painful memories each inspire some sort of adventure or challenge, then these memories would finally be adding something positive to my life, and by doing so I could murder the pain, and live a happier life. Ah, thinking about all my most horrible memories all the time, this is going to be awesome, what could possibly go wrong?

It started out great, my horrible past epic shyness, extremely late puberty, and fondness for bleeding and then crying in front of my friends led me to the Cannes Film Festival, tulip shopping in Amsterdam and hanging out with real life vampires in Paris. However then I had an awful break up, I had a bunch of things go really wrong, suffered a smidge of severe mental and physical pain, started to flirt with madness, went on a jovial jaunt through the darkest realms of my brain, and started flinging away everything that was important to me. Oh and along the way and I had a bunch of fun, a ton of laughs, met some awesome people and some celebrities, partied a lot, had some adventures, and eventually learned a lot about life.

You’ll laugh, you’ll want to slap me in the face, maybe give me a hug or two, then slap me a few times more – I really am a big stupid damn idiot. Please laugh at my pain; I truly deserve it.

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What I am reading at the current time !!!

Hello this is Nikki, I am here to share with you what I am reading right now.

The novel that I am reading is Fifty Shades of Grey : By E L  James 🙂

So, far I am loving the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia 🙂

The chemistry between the two is awesome, hot and steamy 🙂  I recommend if you have not read this book

that you go out and pick it up right away 🙂  Well I am headed back to reading this hot novel 🙂 Will be back with a review soon 🙂

Here is the Purchase link for Fifty Shades of Grey :